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Plotting the Dots

What, Who, When, How many, and How well, these are the questions our data will answer. From determining if filters were changed, how many and on what unit, to if the technician who changed them was certified and how fast he/she finished the job.

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Connecting the Dots

Presenting the data in a clear fashion and analyzing its meaning through various charts, graphs, auto-scheduled reports, and alerts. AFOD is designed to go straight to the meat with no filler.

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Mapping the Future

Enabling you to make smarter decisions and optimize your operations by - reducing inventory, strengthening procurement, improving vendor relations, reducing energy bills, extending durable life to reduce CAPEX, meeting your health and safety demands, and most importantly, helping grow your business!

What is AirFilterOnDemand?
Find out how we can help your business breathe a sigh of relief

Tailored to Your Needs


Record Systems Data

View interactive maps of your system; view previous jobs, pending invoices, alerts, communicate with your stakeholders, and more.

Report Gathering For Business Needs

Upload the information you need, whether about your staff, your equipment, your billing info, or anything valuable to your business.

Understand Your Data

Painlessly package and send actionable data, whether it's the full story or only the most critical details.

Explore New Business Opportunities

Let us remove the stress and make sense of the clutter. Have your data built, laid out, and crunched for you with varying degrees of automation to help you make the right decisions as well as keeping you informed of any important changes.

Learn More

Take a test run to see how our powerful database and automation services will ensure your facilities stay cleaner and leaner.

  • Contractor Management
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • System Checks
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